Senior Week Resources

This page serves to provide additional information about and to link to resources that participants in the Senior Week Secrets Tours viewed during their tour of the University Archives on May 16-17, 2013. Researchers interested in studying any of these topics in depth are advised to Ask an Archivist for pointers to additional resources.

Men's Basketball and other athletics

athletic-related collectionsOur holdings of men's basketball media guides, programs, realia, posters, team photographs, and more are available as a part of Record Group B-2.4. Many action photographs from men's basketball and other sports are maintained as a part of our Photo and General Information Files, with additional images contained in more recent collections of negatives and born-digital images created by the University Photographer and now serviced by the University Archives. Video footage of men's basketball games and compilations is a part of record group A-4.5 Series 17; a large collection of relatively recent video is currently unprocessed and is not described online. Interested researchers can contact an archivist for information about these additional video holdings.

Men's basketball is the most well-documented of the intercollegiate sports here at Marquette, but the University Archives also maintains a variety of records related to the other intercollegiate sports teams.

The University Archives holds a run of Former Athlete Files, which contain photographs, press releases, newspaper clippings, and forms prepared at the time the student entered Marquette.

Several digital collections of images related to athletics have been created online, including the Intercollegiate Athletic Hall of Fame Collection, the Ralph Metcalfe Collection, and the Women in Blue and Gold collection.

Campus Physical Plant photo of photos of buildings on campus

University Archives preserves a huge collection of images and records related to the physical space on campus. One quick source of images of campus is in our Photos and General Information Files, which include files for many campus buildings and other topics. More recent images of campus can be found in negative and born-digital image collections created by the University Photographer and now serviced by the University Archives (available in the reading room).

Records related to the construction of buildings on campus are a part of the Administrative Subject Files created by Facilities Services; the department also transferred a variety of historic blueprints and drawings.

A selection of images from these and other sources have been digitized and are available online as a part of our Building a Campus digital collection.

photo of covers of the Marquette JournalStudent Publications

The University Archives maintains a complete print run of The Marquette Tribune, which is available for research in the Archives Reading Room. Due to physical deterioration, we ask that researchers consult the microfilm copy for older years. While the publication has not been digitized, a variety of internal resources may help identify potentially relevant articles; contact us for additional information.

While a few early issues are missing from our holdings of the Marquette Journal, the University Archives maintains a nearly complete print run of the publication and has been capturing some of the Journal's online only content via our subscription to Archive-It.

The complete run of the print version of the Marquette Hilltop, the student yearbook, is available online via e-Archives; print copies are available for consultation in the Archives Reading Room. In some cases, photographic prints from the Hilltop are a part of our Biographical Information Files or Photos and General Information Files; other prints were maintained within a Hilltop Photograph Collection. In many cases, the original photographic prints or negatives are no longer extant.

Student Lifeimage of archival materials documenting student life

Student life is an incredibly vast topic and the selection available for display is a very small portion of the archives' holdings. Many records related to student life are a part of our Student Organizations record group (fraternities, sororities, student government, clubs, band, theater, etc.). Other activities, such as prom, homecoming, campus carnival, and more, are available as a part of our Student Activities record group. These series contain paper records as well as memorabilia and ephemera in addition to scrapbooks. Images from these events and activities are often a part of our Photos and General Information Files.


The vast majority of film and video resources documenting the non-athletic history of the university are available as a part of the Marquette University-Related Films and Videos series. Limited numbers of moving images are scattered elsewhere throughout our holdings (athletic-related holdings are referred to above).

Course Catalogs and Commencement

Commencement activities are documented in our All-University Assemblies record group, which includes commencement programs, newspaper clippings, tickets, and the text of some commencement addresses. Images taken at commencement are contained in our Photos and General Information Files; more recent images can be found in negative and born-digital image collections created by the University Photographer and now serviced by the University Archives (available in the reading room).

Course catalogs and bulletins may be useful when you are applying to graduate school or need to provide documentation related to your coursework, in particular course descriptions (the Registrar's Office maintains your official student record). Print publication of the bulletin ceased in 2010-2011; the electronic-only and PDF versions going back to 1999-2000 are available via the archives' subscription to Archive-It.