Series 20 – Administrative Subject Files
This series contains the files used by Father Raynor and his office staff in conducting the daily business of the university. Although predominately created during Raynor’s tenure (1965-1990), these files also contain materials used by Raynor’s office, but created during the administrations of his predecessors, Rev. Edward J. O’Donnell, S.J. (1948-1962) and Rev. William J. Kelley, S.J. (1962-1965). In total, the series includes materials dating from 1936 to 1990. These files contain details of university administration, correspondence, donor and fundraising files, and materials from Father Raynor’s involvement in multiple community and organizational boards and committees. This series includes files on the expansion and redesign of the university campus, academic and administrative correspondence with Marquette’s many departments and organizations, and information on the many fundraising efforts undertaken during Raynor’s tenure. The many administrative changes documented in these files include the 1967 separation of the Marquette School of Medicine from the University and its recreation as the Medical College of Wisconsin and the 1969 introduction of lay members to the expanded Marquette Board of Trustees.

These files reflect a diverse correspondence. Raynor communicated with students, alumni, benefactors, parents, faculty, Jesuits, government officials, and various others. Raynor’s correspondence and subject files address many social issues of national and international resonance, including civil rights, the Vietnam War, abortion, free speech, and academic freedom.

Also included in this series are correspondence and materials relating to Raynor’s involvement on organizational boards and committees. Among these organizations are the American Lung Association of Wisconsin.

With few exceptions, the original names of folders have been retained. Many folder titles are the names of individuals or organizations. No additional steps were taken during processing to distinguish between donor, informational, and correspondence files. Changes in file naming conventions and the names of organizations and offices during Father Raynor’s twenty-five year presidency are reflected in the names of folders.

Series 20.2 – Chronological Correspondence
This series documents outgoing correspondence from the president’s office from September 1965 to June 1990 (26.3 cubic feet). Letters in this series are primarily signed by Father Raynor or his administrative assistant, Norbert J. Tlachac. At least some of this correspondence is duplicated in Series 20 – Administrative Subject Files; the chronological arrangement of this material may provide a better point of access to some research topics.

Series 20.4 – News Clippings
Dating from 1973 to 1990, this series includes newspaper clippings collected by the President’s Office (28.8 cubic feet). The majority of clippings are from the Milwaukee Journal and Milwaukee Sentinel. Clippings were mounted on paper and dated by the president’s office. The stories contained in the clippings are broadly related to Marquette University, higher education, and local businesses. Occasional notes are made on the clippings by the president or members of his staff.

Series 20.5 – Speeches
This series (.6 cubic foot) contains copies of speeches given by Father Raynor at a variety of different events, both on Marquette’s campus and in the community. The speeches in this series date from 1965 to 1988, with an additional folder of undated speeches. Given the length of Raynor’s tenure, this series of speeches is likely incomplete, but came to the archives as a distinct group and were preserved as such. Researchers interested in specific speeches not found here may want to consult Series 1 – Administrative Subject Files – to see if there is a folder for the specific event where a speech was given by Father Raynor. Also included is a list of Father Raynor’s speeches from 1965 to June 1984, as recorded by his office.

Series 20.6 – Varia
Assorted awards, plaques, and mementos given to Father Raynor in recognition of his service. This series (5.4 cubic feet) also includes two boxes of miscellaneous materials dating from 1965 to 1988.

Series 20.7 - Rev. Richard Ryan, S.J., Assistant to the President
This series (6.4 cubic feet) contains the files of Rev. Richard Ryan, S.J., assistant to Father Raynor. The documents in this series range from 1964 to 1979. These records deal extensively with the Medical Center of Southeastern Wisconsin. Additional files address Campus building and development from 1974 to 1979. Meetings of several Marquette University committees are also documented here.

Series 20.8 - Rev. Robert G. Gassert, S.J., Assistant to the President
This small series (.2 cubic foot) contains the files of Rev. Robert G. Gassert, S.J., assistant to Father Raynor. The documents in this series range from 1979 to 1990 and document a number of topics in a limited way.

Series 20.9 - Sound Recordings, 1977-1990
This series is composed of audio cassette tapes containing recordings from 1969 to 1990. These recordings are primarily addresses given by Father Raynor in university and civic settings, but news recordings and a student protest are also included.

Series 20.10 - Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities
This series documents Father Raynor and Marquette University’s involvement with the Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (WAICU) from 1965 to 1990. Founded in 1961, WAICU is recognized in state law as the official organization of Wisconsin’s private nonprofit colleges. Originally part of the same collection as the Administrative Subject Files (Series 20), this series was separated from the Administrative Subject Files due to its breadth. With few exceptions, the original names of folders have been retained. In many years, there are two file types originally designated by Father Raynor’s office: an “Academic Year” file, which was the primary file, and an additional “General and Miscellaneous” folder, which contained materials designated as “nonessential” for the “Academic Year” file. These original distinctions have been retained.

This series primarily contains correspondence, reports, and meeting materials related to the activities and administration of the WAICU.

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