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Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism


The interdisciplinary seminar on the Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism is designed as the internet version of an ongoing research seminar of graduate students at the department of theology of Marquette University (Milwaukee, USA). The seminar is directed by Andrei Orlov, a professor of Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity (Marquette University). The seminar started in March 2002 as an attempt to investigate Jewish mystical traditions in the eastern Christian theological and liturgical texts. It was thought that the seminar would help initiate and inspire the discussion about the Jewish influences on eastern Christian mysticism among a broader audience.

The internet version of the seminar was constituted on April 17, 2002. It is a regular text seminar consisting of scholars and graduate students of ancient languages, systematic theology, philosophy, patristics, biblical exegesis, and Judaism.

Currently the seminar is not confined solely to the students of Marquette University but also includes participants from various scholarly communities.

Themes are announced and resources pertaining to them are posted on this webpage. The resources normally include previously published and unpublished scholarly articles, electronic publications, lectures, reviews, and sometimes the critical responses to these materials. All copyrighted materials on this page are for classroom use only. Reproduction other than "fair use" quotations is prohibited. The articles, reviews, lectures, and critical responses must be send to the project moderators in order to be posted on the webpage.

This project seeks to provide a forum for electronically mediated scholarly discussion about Jewish mystical traditions in the eastern Christian texts.

Some documents on this webpage are available for download only as *. pdf files. These files require free Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to be viewed.


The current themes include the following subjects:
































If you have an idea or a theme which can be part of the Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism Project, please contact the project moderator.

Project Moderator: Andrei Orlov

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