Marquette University professors receive Way Klingler Teaching Enhancement Award

Way Klingler Group

August 11, 2016

MILWAUKEE — Dr. Susan Mountin, director of Manresa for Faculty; Connie Peterson, artistic assistant professor of digital media and performing arts; Lynne Shumow, curator of Education and Community Outreach; Catey Ott Thompson, adjunct instructor in digital media and performing arts of communication; and Dr. Sara Wadsworth, associate professor of English and director of undergraduate studies, have been named the recipients of Marquette's 2016 Way Klingler Teaching Enhancement Award.

This award grants up to $20,000, which these five professors will use to fund an artistic dance and multi-art performance at the St. Joan of Arc chapel next spring. Plans include involvement from the Marquette choir and Marquette actors as well.

"Everyone on the planning team came to the table with their best ideas," Ott Thompson, said. "We were very excited about our proposal, and everyone we told about it also seemed very wide-eyed and enthusiastic."

The Way Klingler Teaching Enhancement Award is an annual award given to a team of two or more faculty members to develop, implement and evaluate a specific teaching project. One award of up to $20,000 is given to the selected project team for one fiscal year.