Marquette biomedical sciences professor and chair receives Way Klingler Fellowship in science

John Mantsch

July 5, 2017

MILWAUKEE — Dr. John Mantsch, professor of biomedical sciences in the College of Health Sciences, is the recipient of this year's Way Klingler Fellowship Award in science.

Mantsch studies neuropsychiatric disease with a focus on the neurobiological underpinnings of addiction and stress-related disorders. He is also a co-founder of Promentis Pharmaceuticals, a pharmaceutical company that originated in the Department of Biomedical Sciences.

This award, which includes $50,000 annually for three years, will allow Mantsch to acquire and develop cutting-edge technology to isolate and manipulate discrete cell populations and pathways in the brain, and to apply this technology to the study of drug addiction.

"I am truly grateful for the support provided by the Way Klingler family through this award," he says. "I am confident that the funds will allow me and my research team to make meaningful progress in understanding and developing new treatments for addiction."

The Way Klingler Fellowships are awarded to full-time regular faculty at the associate or full professor rank who have potential for significant scholarship. One fellowship in science and one in humanities is awarded. The humanities fellow receives $20,000 annually for three years to fund critical research that requires time, access to information and travel.