Marquette professor of nursing receives Way Klingler Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Award

Aug. 16, 2019

Dr. Kristin HaglundMILWAUKEE — Dr. Kristin Haglund, professor of nursing, has recently been named as the faculty recipient of the Way Klingler Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Award.

Since becoming a nurse in 1990, Haglund has served children and families who are marginalized and oppressed due to poverty, racism, gender and other characteristics, as well as the intersectionality of all of the above. She came to admire the resourcefulness, hopefulness and hard work of people who were working against difficult circumstances to succeed and achieve health and well-being for themselves and their families.

“I met people who were living in poverty, and I learned about human dignity, perseverance, kindness and competence,” Haglund said. “I was humbled to understand that the stereotypes and lessons I had learned about social standing and how people were valued based on how they looked or where they lived were false.”

Haglund’s research program has evolved over her career at Marquette University to include collaborative, interdisciplinary teams that involve undergraduate and graduate students and junior faculty. The issues she has chosen to address are important and pressing health problems such as violence, sexual risks among adolescents and health disparities.

In her nomination letter, Dr. Janet Wessel Krejci, dean of the College of Nursing, wrote: “Dr. Haglund is tireless in her commitments. Beyond her considerable accomplishments, this nurse practitioner, teacher-scholar, ally and committed professional is simply a wonderful human being who is dedicated, every day in every way, to making a difference, so every person can live and thrive in an inclusive environment. She is most deserving of this award.”

The Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Awards recognizes one faculty member and one staff member who demonstrate exemplary leadership and manifest the ideals of diversity, equity and inclusion into practical action.

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