Marquette experts available for Presidential Inauguration topics

Jan. 13, 2021

Presidential Inauguration of FDRMILWAUKEE — After the most closely watched election in the history of the United States, the 2021 presidential inauguration is nearing on Wednesday, Jan. 20, and members of the Marquette University faculty are available as experts on topics related to the event.

Please contact any of these experts directly, or contact Kevin Conway, associate director of university communication, at or (414) 202-9329.

Catholicism and the presidency

Joe Biden is the second Catholic President after John F. Kennedy. Dr. Kate Ward, assistant professor of theological ethics, can discuss Catholic motifs in Biden's speeches/public appearances, Catholic teaching and his policy priorities, important trends in Catholicism during Biden's lifetime. She can be reached at

20th amendment and the transition process

Dr. Paul Nolette, chair and associate professor of political science, can discuss the 20th Amendment, which sets the inauguration date at Jan. 20, as well as the legal angles in the transition to a new administration. He can be reached at

Procedures of the presidential inauguration

Dr. Julia Azari, associate professor of political science, can discuss the procedures of the presidential inauguration and its surrounding importance. She can be reached at

Presidential rhetoric and speeches

Dr. Karen Hoffman, adjunct associate professor of political science and the associate director of the Les Aspin Center for Government, is an expert in presidential rhetoric and can discuss inaugural speeches and media coverage of the event. She can be reached at

Policies in the first 100 days

Dr. Amber Wichowsky, associate professor, and Dr. Philip Rocco, assistant professor, of political science, can discuss public policy-related issues in President Biden’s first 100 days and what issues he is expected to tackle shortly after taking office. Wichowsky can be reached at Rocco can be reached at

About Kevin Conway

Kevin Conway

Kevin is the associate director for university communication in the Office of University Relations. Contact Kevin at (414) 288-4745 or