MUPD, Wisconsin Voices for Recovery partner to install Nalox-ZONE boxes on Marquette campus

Oct. 12, 2023

Nalox-ZONE Box installedMILWAUKEE — Marquette University Police Department has collaborated with Wisconsin Voices for Recovery—Wisconsin’s only statewide recovery network currently supported by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Division of Care and Treatment Services—to install Nalox-ZONE boxes at Marquette University.

The boxes are currently being installed in 15 locations across campus by Wisconsin Voices for Recovery beginning Friday, Oct. 13.

A Nalox-ZONE box is a type of rescue kit that is used to temporarily breathing to help prevent fatalities from opioid overdoses. Boxes will be installed in each residence hall, with additional boxes in the Alumni Memorial Union. Each box contains two doses of naloxone nasal spray—an opioid reversal drug, a breathing barrier for CPR administration, and instructions on how to administer naloxone nasal spray.

“We are grateful to collaborate with Wisconsin Voices for Recovery to support the Marquette community with this precautionary measure,” said MUPD Chief Edith Hudson. “Our goal is to be proactive in preventing drug overdoses, rather than being reactive to a tragedy. By making these boxes available and their presence known, we are educating our community on the dangers of opioid use, while protecting them in the event of an overdose.”

The Wisconsin Voices for Recovery Nalox-ZONE program provides free naloxone upon request, and through installation of Nalox-ZONE boxes throughout the community. These boxes allow free, community-based access to naloxone, which is especially important in emergency situations where an overdose is occurring. Program specialists remotely track box access to ensure the boxes are stocked in a timely manner and to collect data on the number of units of naloxone dispensed at each box site.

“Opioid overdose fatalities remain high in the United States and, despite progress in addressing the opioid epidemic over the past few years, the number of reported suspected opioid overdoses also continues to remain high in Wisconsin,” said Cindy Burzinski, director of Wisconsin Voices for Recovery. “The mission of our Nalox-ZONE program is to increase access to naloxone by distributing Nalox-ZONE boxes across Wisconsin, to support both safety and harm reduction efforts to save lives and prevent fatalities as a result of opioid overdoses. The more accessible naloxone is, the more we can support the lives of Wisconsin community members, and avoid tragedy.”

Wisconsin Voices for Recovery advocates for rights and resources for individuals in or seeking recovery and their family members in Wisconsin. Over time, the stigma surrounding addiction and recovery has decreased and support for recovery has grown across the country.

The Division of Care and Treatment Services manages and supports seven care and treatment facilities for people living with psychiatric disorders and intellectual disabilities, community mental health and substance use services, community mental health and substance use treatment services for people in the criminal justice system, and the protection of client rights for people receiving services for intellectual disabilities, mental health, and substance use.

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