Marquette University School of Dentistry Statement on release of funding for dental general practice residency program

Feb. 29, 2024

We are grateful to the Joint Committee on Finance and the State of Wisconsin for approving the release of $5 million to the Marquette University School of Dentistry to create a dental general practice residency program with a future hospital partner as previously included in the 2023-2025 State Budget.  Specifically, I would like to thank Co-Chairs Rep. Mark Born and Sen. Howard Marklein for their leadership as this Marquette University School of Dentistry residency program will have multiple benefits to meet the oral care needs of Wisconsin citizens. In addition to expanding the number of providers who have experience with medically complex and special needs patients in a variety of practice settings, it will also create a dental workforce pipeline for hospitals and other settings throughout the State. This is a win-win for the State of Wisconsin.  We are grateful to Gov. Evers and Legislative Leaders for their continued efforts to improve Wisconsin’s oral health care needs in multiple ways this session.