Experts in Arts — Dance/Theater

Curtis Carter, Professor

Curtis CarterPhilosophy Department

Expertise: Arts and Ecology, Arts in Urban Environments, Arts Administration, Contemporary Arts, Dance, Global Arts, China and Western Arts, Not For Profit Board of Directors

Office Phone: (414) 288-6962
Home Phone: (414) 540-2482


Paul Gagliardi, Visiting Assistant Professor

Paul GagliardiExpertise: 1930s American Theatre and Literature, Con Artists, Theories of Work and Labor, Performance Studies in Popular Culture (Sports/Wrestling)

Media Type: Print, Radio

Contact: (414) 288-1974


Maureen Kilmurry, Adjunct Instructor

Maureen KilmurryDigital Media and Performing Arts

Expertise: Theatre Arts, Acting, Directing, Shakespeare

Office Phone: (414) 288-3505
Mobile Phone: (414) 744-3760


Paul Salsini, Adjunct Instructor

Paul SalsiniJournalism and Media Studies

Expertise: Musical Theatre

Office Phone: (414) 288-3405
Home Phone: (414) 964-8819