Experts in Arts — Music

Bruce Cole, Catalog Librarian/Cujé Music Collection Librarian

Bruce ColeLibraries/Technical Services Department/Bibliographic Resources

Expertise: Milwaukee/Wisconsin popular music, rock history, British Invasion/Beatles, Milwaukee rock band history
Media Type: Print, TV, Radio

Office Phone: (414) 288-2148
Home Phone: (414) 423-6828


Phillip Naylor, Professor

Phillip NaylorHistory Department

Expertise: Algeria and French Foreign Policy, Middle East, Islam, World Civilizations, North Africa, Rock and Roll, History of Rock and Roll Music

Office Phone: (414) 288-3561


James South, Professor

James SouthPhilosophy Department

Expertise: Popular Culture and Philosophy (Television and Movies), Philosophy in Movies, Comic Books, Graphic Novels, Popular Music

Office Phone: (414) 288-6857
Home Phone: (414) 283-4943