Topics around Coronavirus Experts

This list will be updated as more faculty become available. If you do not see an expert for a topic you are interested in, consult our general experts directory or contact:

Breaking bad health habits, developing good habits working remotely

Doug Woods, Professor

Doug WoodsPsychology Department

Expertise: Behavioral interventions related to Tourette syndrome, trichotillomania and other OCD-spectrum disorders 

Contact: (414) 288-3769

Critical Care Nursing/Post-Intensive Care Syndrome

Jill Guttormson, Associate Professor

Jill GuttormsonCollege of Nursing

Expertise: Critical Care Nursing 

Contact: (414) 288-3819

Health Communication

Elizabeth Angeli, Assistant professor of English 

Elizabeth Angeli

Expertise: Technical communication, health communication, first responder documentation practices 

(414) 288-3466



Maintaining mindfulness and peace

Ryan Duns, Assistant Chair and Professor

Ryan DunsTheology Department

Expertise: Catholic theology, Christian spirituality, the Church, faith and reason, secularism, theology and popular culture 

Contact: (414) 288-3735 


Making food last

Sharon Hope, Lead Volunteer Chef

Marquette University Neighborhood Kitchen

Expertise: How to repurpose food to avoid multiple trips to the grocery store

Phone: (414) 553-1614

Political science and census

Philip Rocco, Assistant Professor

Dr. Philip RoccoPolitical Science Department

Expertise: American politics, public policy

Office Phone: (414) 288-3296

Risk communication

Robert Griffin, Professor Emeritus

Robert GriffinJournalism and Media Studies Department

Expertise: how people seek (or avoid), respond to, and use information about health and environmental risks to make judgments about the risks, including adopting preventive behaviors

Stress management

Stephen Saunders, Chair and Professor

Stephen SaundersPsychology Department

Expertise: Adolescent Mental Health, Adolescent Psychology, Parent/Teen Issues, Eating Disorders: Help-Seeking Behavior, Seeking Psychotherapy and Other Mental Health Services, Psychotherapy, Chronic Illnesses and Mental Health, Depression

Office Phone: (414) 288-7459


Supply chain management

Doug Fisher, Professor Emeritus of Practice

Douglas (Doug) FisherManagement Department

Expertise: Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Transportation Management, Troubled Companies

Office Phone: (414) 288-3995
Home Phone: (414) 379-3731



Emily Mazzulla, Marquette Director of SWIM

Scaling Wellness in Milwaukee; Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychology

Expertise: Trauma (including collective, community trauma), traumatic stress, coping, and resilience