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Susan (Sue) Giaimo, Adjunct Associate Professor

Susan (Sue) GiaimoPolitical Science

Expertise: Health Policy

Office Phone: (414) 288-3356
Home Phone: (414) 476-0521


Jay Goldberg, Clinical Professor/Director of Health Care Technologies Management

Jay GoldbergBiomedical Engineering

Expertise: Medical device design and innovation, design education, failure of implantable medical devices, forensic engineering, biomaterials and implantable devices
Media Type: Print, TV, Radio

Office Phone: (414) 288-6059
Home Phone: (847) 816-4607


Kerry Kosmoski-Goepfert, Clinical Associate Professor Emerita

Kerry Kosmoski-GoepfertCollege of Nursing

Expertise: Acute Care Nursing, Health Care Delivery

Office Phone: (414) 288-3830


Kathy Rapala, Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. Kathryn RapalaCollege of Nursing

Expertise: Patient safety, health systems, quality, clinical risk and population health, ethics, and curriculum development. Subsets of these interests include the relationship of wellness programs to the prevention of patient care error, policy, social determinants of care, work complexity, health care economics, staffing, accreditation and regulatory issues, performance, professional certification, and malpractice.

Office Phone: (414) 288-3170


Marianne Weiss, Professor

Marianne WeissCollege of Nursing

Expertise: Maternity, Strategic Planning in Health Care/Public Health, Case Management, Hospital Discharge, Health Care Reform

Office Phone: (414) 288-3855
Home Phone: (847) 540-8202
Mobile Phone: (847) 514-2798