Experts in Law — Federal Law

Christine Chabot, Associate Professor

Christine ChabotMarquette Law School

Expertise: Constitutional law, separation of powers, administrative law, Supreme Court, originalism

Scott Idleman, Professor

Scott IdlemanLaw School

Expertise: First Amendment (religious freedom, church/state, speech), Second Amendment, Federal Indian Law, Congressional Power, Equal Protection

Office Phone: (414) 288-5362
Home Phone: (262) 377-2827


Joseph Kearney, Dean and Professor

Joseph KearneyLaw School

Expertise: Litigation

Office Phone: (414) 288-1955


Kali Murray, Professor

Kali MurrayMarquette Law School

Expertise: Property law, intellectual property law, and administrative law

Media Type: Print, TV, Radio


Ryan Scoville, Associate Professor

Ryan ScovilleLaw School

Expertise: U.S. Foreign Relations Law, Paradiplomacy, State Agreements with Foreign Governments

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