Experts in Law — International Law

Mark Berlin, Associate professor of political science 

Mark Berlin Expertise: international criminal justice, accountability for human rights violations, laws of war, genocide and crimes against humanity, torture

Media Type: Print, TV, Radio

Contact: (414) 288-6841


Paul Finkelman, Robert F. Boden Visiting Professor of Law

Paul FinkelmanLaw School

Expertise: Race and law; U.S. Constitution (History, 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment), Civil Rights, Immigration, Citizenship; Baseball and law; Slavery, Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War; Founding fathers (especially Jefferson, Madison, Washington, and John Marshall); History of the Supreme Court; Supreme Court decisions and emerging ethics issues; Issues of slavery, reparations, and diversity; Bubonic plague and pandemics in historical perspective.

Cell Phone: (518) 605-0296

H. Richard Friman, Professor

H. Richard FrimanPolitical Science
Eliot Fitch Chair for International Studies

Expertise: International Drug Trade and Money Laundering, Immigration, Human Trafficking, Security, Trade Policy, International Economic Relations (World Trade Organization/North American Free Trade Agreement), Globalization

Office Phone: (414) 288-5991


Ryan Scoville, Associate Professor

Ryan ScovilleLaw School

Expertise: Law and International Security, Civil Procedure, Federal Courts

Office Phone: (414) 288-6450
Mobile Phone: (720) 933-0197