Experts in Social Issues — Crime and Justice

Mark Berlin, Assistant professor of political science 

Mark Berlin Expertise: international criminal justice, accountability for human rights violations, laws of war, genocide and crimes against humanity, torture

Media Type: Print, TV, Radio

Contact: (414) 288-6841


Dr. Jesse Cheng, Assistant Professor

Jesse Cheng

Social and Cultural Sciences

Expertise: the cultivation of empathy for individuals from vulnerable populations, how criminal defense advocates overcome barriers to empathy toward capitally charged defenders

(414) 288-0808



Meghan Gruenewald, Associate Professor and Chair

Meghan GruenewaldSocial and Cultural Sciences

Expertise: Policing, Victimology, Domestic Violence

Office Phone: (414) 288-3437


Shion GuhaAssistant professor and director of data science graduate programs 

Abdur ChowdhuryComputer Science

: Algorithmic ethics, privacy, human-computer interaction, ICT4D  
Media Type: Print, TV, Radio  
Contact: (414) 288- 1962 



Heather Hlavka, Associate Professor

Heather HlavkaSocial and Cultural Sciences

Expertise: Sexual Victimization and Offending, Partner Violence

Office Phone: (414) 288-6846


Richard Jones, Professor

Richard JonesSocial and Cultural Sciences

Expertise: Prisons, Parole and Re-entry, Comparative Crime and Justice

Office Phone: (414) 288-3436


Sameena Mulla, Associate Professor

Sameena MullaSocial and Cultural Sciences

Expertise: Forensic Intervention into Sexual Assault, Adopting Forensic Practice in Sexual Assault Intervention

Office Phone: (414) 288-3441


Dr. Aleksandra Snowden, Assistant Professor

Aleksandra Snowden

Social and Cultural Sciences

Expertise: Crime mapping, crime analysis, GIS, criminology neighborhoods and crime, alcohol availability, crimes, violence, and injury, spatial analytical methods, spatial regression

(414) 288-6845



Darren Wheelock, Associate Professor

Darren WheelockSocial and Cultural Sciences

Expertise: Criminal Punishment and Social Control, Prisoner Reentry and Collateral Consequences, Racial and Ethnic Inequality, Punitive Attitudes, Racial Attitudes, Survey Research Methods

Office Phone: (414) 288-7915


Dr. Jessica Wolfendale, Professor

Jessica Wolfendale


Expertise: Military ethics, ethics of political violence, moral psychology of state-sponsored violence, social justice and moral responsibility

(414) 288-5626