Experts in Social Sciences — Communication

Dr. Melissa Adams, Assistant Professor

Melissa Adams

Strategic Communication

Expertise: Social media & digital public relations; digital advocacy & activism, nonprofit public relations, and ethnic public relations.

(414) 288-3497



Kati Tusinski Berg, Associate Professor and Chair

Kati Tusinski BergStrategic Communication

Expertise: Public Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility

Office Phone: (414) 288-1401


Timothy Cigelske, Director of Integrated Content

Tim CigelskeOffice of Marketing and Communication

Expertise: Digital Media, Emerging Media, Social Networks, Twitter, Facebook, Media Writing, Public Relations, The Communications Industry, Social Media Use in Journalism and Reporting

Office Phone: (414) 288-4864
Mobile Phone: (414) 517-2911


Nathan Gilkerson, Assistant Professor

Nathan GilkersonStrategic Communication

Expertise: Crisis Communication, Political Communication, Political Humor/Satire, Social Media

Office Phone: (414) 288-4152


Shion GuhaAssistant professor and director of data science graduate programs 

Abdur ChowdhuryComputer Science

: Algorithmic ethics, privacy, human-computer interaction, ICT4D  
Media Type: Print, TV, Radio  
Contact: (414) 288- 1962 



Gary Meyer, Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Gary MeyerOffice of the Provost

Expertise: Diffusion of Innovations, Theories of Behavioral Change

Office Phone: (414) 288-6350


Robert Shuter, Professor Emeritus

Robert ShuterCommunication Studies

Expertise: Corporate Communication, International Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Communication in the Classroom, International and Intercultural Communication, Diversity in the Workplace, New Media Technology

Office Phone: (414) 288-3496
Home Phone: (414) 352-0155


Eric Waters, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies

Eric WatersCommunication

Expertise: Organizational Communication, Executive Communication, Investor Relations, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, New Communication Technologies  

Media Type: Print, TV, Radio 
Contact: (414) 288-0867