Experts in Technology and Engineering — Civil Engineering

James Crovetti, Associate Professor Emeritus

James CrovettiCivil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

Expertise: Pavement design, Nondestructive testing, Structural health monitoring

Office Phone: (414) 288-7382


Mark Federle, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor

Mark FederleOpus College of Engineering

Expertise: Construction; Construction Engineering and Management; Virtual Design and Construction; Training in Construction; Organizational Behavior in Construction Companies; Information Technology and its Impact on Construction Productivity; Individual Behavior and Leadership; Engineers Without Borders; Leadership in Construction; Company Management; Project Management; Lean Construction; Productivity; Use of Technology in Construction; Project Management Training

Office Phone: (414) 288-4531
Home Phone: (414) 235-3446
Mobile Phone: (414) 292-7938


Brooke Mayer, Associate Professor

Brooke MayerCivil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

Expertise: Nutrient Removal and Recovery in Water and Wastewater Streams; Detection and Quantification of Infectious Waterborne Viruses; Removal and Disinfection of Emerging Microbial Pathogens; Reduction and Disinfection Byproduct Formation; Advanced Oxidation Targeting Organic Contaminant Destruction

Office Phone: (414) 288-2161


Patrick McNamara, Assistant Professor

Patrick McNamaraCivil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

Expertise: Antibiotic Resistance; Micropollutants; Pyrolysis; Residuals and Biosolids

Office Phone: (414) 288-2188


Baolin Wan, Associate Professor

Baolin WanCivil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

Expertise: Concrete, Fiber Reinforced Polymer, Reinforced Concrete Structures, Repaired and Retrofitted Structures, Structural Engineering

Office Phone: (414) 288-6684
Home Phone: (262) 242-2661


Daniel Zitomer, Chair and Professor

Daniel ZitomerCivil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

Expertise: Biological Transformation of Nutrients (and Organics) in Natural and Engineered Systems, Toxic Pollutants in Wastewater, Using Bacteria for Hazardous Waste Cleanup, Environmental Engineering, Biological Transformation of Nutrients (Nitrogen and Phosphorus) in Natural and Engineered Systems, Contaminated Groundwater and Soil

Office Phone: (414) 288-5733
Home Phone: (414) 906-9227