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Qualtrics is a data collection tool accessible to all Marquette faculty, staff, and students. Log in using your eMarq/CheckMarq username and password.

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Qualtrics is for academic teaching or research purposes only and explicitly excludes any use of Qualtrics for commercial purposes. Qualtrics may not be assigned to or used by any commercial entity or user.

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As of November 21, 2018, Qualtrics has disabled TLS 1.0 for all clients. After this date, only TLS 1.2 and higher will be supported. If you are having trouble accessing Qualtrics, try updating your browser. Click here for more information.

Anything that can block pop-up windows, like ad blockers, can sometimes block Qualtrics. If your respondents are seeing a "loading" icon or spinning wheel when trying to access your surveys or forms, ad blocking software may be the culprit.

Please contact surveys@marquette.edu with any questions about online surveys or Qualtrics.