How we say it

Although what we say is our message, how we deliver that message is our voice. Our voice
is heavily influenced by our personality — the traits that reflect who Marquette is. Use our personality words as a guide for how the Marquette voice should sound.

ACUMEN: Our talented, discerning and intellectual side

Hardworking and ambitious: Honed, principled and energetic from day one
Smart: Thoughtful, inquisitive and discerning
Creative: Innovative, imaginative and resourceful

HUMANITY: Our thoughtful, social and giving side

Community-oriented and socially aware: For the common benefit of the human community
Caring and faith-filled: Engaged with the real world and committed to the greater good
Fun: Proud and spirited


Our positioning articulates who we are in the market and elevates what we do best.
It defines the territory we can truly own in a crowded market. Or, in our words, it’s
what allows us to be the difference.

If we break it down into separate points of distinction, it looks like this:

Philosophy: Catholic and Jesuit tradition and values
People: Those willing to explore new ideas, discover new solutions and deliver truly meaningful results
Product: Excellence in achievements and societal impact
Place: Innovative and collaborative environment
Process: Intellectual inquiry and engagement

Core message

This is the vital essence of who we are and what we do. Our core message is the most succinct distillation of our brand. It represents the highest-level expression of what we offer and what it means to our audiences.

Marquette University fosters formation of the mind and heart, so a Marquette graduate is poised to lead a limitless life.


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About OMC

Marquette University's Office of Marketing and Communication promotes the academic reputation of Marquette and tells the Marquette story to all audiences through traditional media, social media, print publications, video, web and interactive.

We are a team of 30 professional writers, designers, marketers, Web developers and communication specialists, led by Vice President Dave Murphy, that serves the Marquette community.

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OMC Annual Report 2018View our current Annual Report which highlights the work we do to boost the academic reputation of Marquette and tells the Marquette story. Also view our accessible version of the 2018 Annual Report.

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