Guest Policy

Department of Recreational Sports Guest Policy

  1. To sponsor a guest, the sponsor must either be a current Marquette University student, or have a current Recreational Sports membership. Non-member alumni and non-member faculty/staff paying a daily fee to enter the building DO NOT have guest privileges. Upward Bound students DO NOT have guest privileges.
  2. The sponsor must have a current, valid membership ID card. The guest will also be required to show a current photo ID. Guests 14 or older must have a photo ID. 
  3. When registering a guest in advance, the sponsor will need to provide the following information: date of visit, sponsor’s name, membership ID number and guest’s full first and last name. 
  4. Any change in sponsor or guest name must be made no later than one hour in advance of the requested visit. Name changes at the door are not accepted. 
  5. Each member is allowed to bring in no more than one guest per visit (updated January, 2023).  Members playing doubles handball/racquetball are allowed to bring in three guests.
  6. The sponsor must accompany the guest to the facility and stay with the guest during his/her visit. Guests that require disciplinary action may result in the sponsor’s membership being revoked (no refunds) or loss of guest privileges. 
  7. Guest passes must be used at the time of purchase. Guest passes are void upon exiting the facility and may not be used for re-entry. No refunds.
  8. Guests cannot page or search the building for a sponsor already in the building. 
  9. A guest may not check out equipment. The sponsor may check out equipment to be used by the guest. 
  10. Children age 13 and under must be supervised by an adult at all times. 
  11. Members must be 14 and older in order to sponsor a guest. Their guest(s) must be 14 or older. 
  12. Guests and members are not allowed to bring in their children unless they are also registered as guests. 
  13. The guest policy is a privilege of membership, not a right.


Guest Type Fee
Student Guest $3.00
Member Guest $6.00
Children 6-12 with member $2.00
Children 5 and under No Charge
Alumni Day Pass, with valid Alumni Card $6.00
Faculty and Staff Day Pass, with Marquette ID $3.00