Photo Gallery | Construction

  • The chapel’s nave was lengthened, creating additional space inside for larger worship services and gatherings.
  • Work progresses on the reconstruction of the St. Joan of Arc Chapel at Marquette, 1966.
  • Reconstruction on the Marquette University campus illustrates the use of historic stone chapel elements combined with modern concrete block masonry.
  • Two workers lift a stone in place as part of the Saint Joan of Arc Chapel reconstruction, 1966.
  • Workers set stones as part of the reconstruction of the St. Joan of Arc Chapel.
  • Workman setting stones as a part of the St. Joan of Arc Chapel's reconstruction on the Marquette University campus, circa 1966.
  • Construction workers prepare the roof for placement of historic clay tiles on the Chapel.
  • A crane places the steeple on the St. Joan of Arc Chapel, 1966.
  • St. Joan of Arc Chapel construction site.
  • Workers place stone pavers in the plaza to the east of the St. Joan of Arc Chapel.

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Workers spent nine months carefully taking apart the chapel on Long Island and marking each of its stones before loading them onto a fleet of semis bound for Milwaukee. The first shipment of the twice disassembled chapel arrived in Milwaukee on January 31, 1965.

Once arrived, the stones were reassembled and selected changes were made to suit the site, such as a longer nave and modern conveniences like radiant floor heating and electricity. Ultimately, the reconstructed chapel incorporated 30 tons of historic stone elements and 18,000 historic terra cotta tiles into the chapel.

The reconstruction of the chapel at Marquette University was designed by French architect, Ernest Bonnamy, of the New York architectural firm of Kahn & Jacobs.