Photo Gallery | Chapel in France

  • In its original location, the St. Martin de Seyssuel chapel was positioned on a hill and surrounded by a village cemetery. The chapel was one-story in height and constructed of rubble stone with cut or sculpted stone ornamentation, trim, and buttresses and a gabled roof clad in terra cotta tiles.
  • A two-story bell tower was located at the west (main) façade of the church. The original main entrance to the church was located at the bell tower and is now the main
entrance, at the east façade, to the chapel.
  • The compound arch between the Nave and Altar originally provided access to the chapel from the main worship space in the church.
  • Original location of structure now known as Marquette University St. Joan of Arc Chapel. This 19th century photograph shows the larger church complex the small chapel was once part of. The “Fontaine St. Martin” is visible in the foreground.

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Originally known as Chapelle de St. Martin de Seyssuel, the St. Joan of Arc Chapel was constructed around 1420 in the community of Chasse-sur-Rhône in southeastern France.

The church served the village parish for over 400 years until it began to fall into a state of disrepair.