Preserving the Historic Roof

historic roof

Historic Clay Tiles


The historic roof of the chapel is in need of repair. Many original historic terra cota clay tiles are deteriorated, broken, or missing. For any repair approximately 25–30 % would not survive removal and reuse. Additionally, the felt roof underlayment at the spillway areas is deteriorated and the same is suspected in the field at broken tiles.


Provide an entirely new roof system while also preserving the original character and historic material to the extent possible - a blend of historic and new tile. The work will include upsized gutters and additional downspouts to address the existing overburdened drainage system.


Historic Steeple


Currently, the Chapel lacks adequate interior airflow during warm summer months, which reduces occupant comfort and increases humidity levels. It is noteworthy that mechanical cooling is not an option given the lack of equipment space and the desire to maintain the historic integrity and aesthetic of the space.

Inspection of the historic steeple also revealed that solder joints and copper roofing has deteriorated over time, creating potential for water intrusion and damage.


The decorative louvers near the top of the steeple provide an excellent opportunity to introduce natural ventilation and exhaust with minimal impact on the interior aesthetic and no impact at all on the exterior of the building.

Install a duct connected to a new exhaust grille discretely located in the ceiling on the west side of the interior arch - out of view from the Nave. A motorized damper will allow for control of ventilation when conditions are favorable. An additional option could be to add an inline exhaust fan to help facilitate air flow. For all options, either natural ventilation or forced exhaust, a path of relief air must be established to allow outside air to be drawn into the building.

Temporary removal of the steeple will facilitate installation of the ventilation shaft and provide an opportunity to repair failed solder joints.