Interior Surfaces

Interior Surfaces

Water Infiltration/Plaster Damage


Several contributing factors are adversely affecting the interior plaster finish of the Chapel. Rising damp is visible at the base of the wall resulting from moisture introduced by landscape plantings and mulch beds at the perimeter of the chapel. In the Nave and sanctuary, water staining is visible below window sills and cracks in the plaster are evident at the window heads.


Move planting beds away from exterior chapel walls to better shed water and moisture. Repair cracks at window heads and repaint plaster.

Interior Surfaces Inspection

Finish Analysis

Painted wood elements on the Chapel ceiling date from the 16th Century and are a character defining feature of the interior. To ensure long term preservation of these finishes it is important to examine them carefully. Visual inspections help identify issues such as warped or spilt wood panels. A comprehensive evaluation not only requires physical assessment but also other methods such as laboratory analysis, which is currently ongoing. These efforts will help determine the best procedures for conservation.