Sources and Limits of Authority

VI. Sources and Limits of Authority

Ultimate university authority and responsibility in matters of student conduct reside in the president of Marquette University. The president has delegated immediate authority and responsibility for student conduct, under the general supervision of the vice president for student affairs, to the dean of students.


A. Student Conduct Administrators

The vice president for student affairs or his/her designee shall designate student conduct administrators who will assume responsibility for administering cases assigned to them and conducting administrative hearings.


B. Student Conduct Review Board

The dean of students or his/her designee shall create student conduct review boards to hear cases referred to them. Each board shall be composed of up to nine individuals that may include students, faculty and administrators. The board will be chaired by a non-voting student or conduct administrator. The board may recommend all levels of disciplinary actions to the student conduct administrator assigned to the case.


C. Confidentiality

Student conduct administrators, student conduct assistants, members of student conduct review boards, the university appeals committee and advisers to students, while acting in their official capacities in such positions, shall be deemed to act as special assistants to the dean of students, solely for the purposes of imparting to the hearings the confidentiality provided by law. Confidentiality also applies to the respondent(s), the complainant(s) and witnesses.