Student Disciplinary Records

V. Student Disciplinary Records

Because the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act defines the records of a student engaged in a disciplinary process as private, information about the disciplinary process may only be shared with the student found responsible, his/her parents if a dependent, his/her academic college dean or adviser and school officials with a legitimate educational interest. The student must give written permission for anyone else to have access to this information, unless otherwise permitted by federal or state law. For additional information regarding FERPA, see Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Policy.


Retention of Non Academic Disciplinary Records

At the completion of a non academic disciplinary action(s) the student’s record shall be returned to good standing, but the disciplinary action(s) and supporting material shall be retained in the student’s file for seven years. At that time, the material will be destroyed, except for those records dealing with suspension, expulsion or any Title IX investigation. Such a record may be introduced and given due consideration in any subsequent case in which the student may be involved. Electronic records will be maintained for reporting purposes. Any finding of not responsible will not affect a student’s disciplinary record.