Loudspeaker/Amplified Sound Policy

Use of amplifiers, bullhorns, musical instruments and other mechanisms of communication beyond that of the natural voice are permitted only after 5 p.m. weekdays or on the weekends and only if the sound does not exceed 75 decibels. Student organizations wishing to include amplified sound at an event must have the event registered and approved with the Office of Engagement and Inclusion via MARQUEE, AMU, Room 121, at least two weeks before the date of the event. All other groups who wish to use amplified sound for any outdoor university property should contact the AMU, Room 245, for approval. For student organizations and other groups, an application for a noise variance must be submitted to the primary event coordinator, AMU, Room 245, three weeks before the event. The Department of Neighborhood Services charges a $55.88 Noise Variance Fee that will be passed on to the organization. For events within seven days of application submission, a late fee will be assessed.

This policy exists to prevent the disruption of the normal conduct of work in academic, service and administration facilities. If conditions warrant, exceptions to the basic policy may be granted by the Office of Student Development in consultation with university administrators.