Parental Notification Policy

Marquette University has long recognized its special relationship with the parents and families of its students. During the process of selecting a college or university, parents and students have many choices: public, private, religiously affiliated, independent and so on. In selecting Marquette University, parents and students are also opting for the institution’s values and expectations, as manifested in academic and behavioral standards.

Marquette understands that parents often play a central role in the continued moral education and development of college students and hopes to work in partnership with parents in this essential enterprise. We also recognize that students have specific rights and expectations in terms of their privacy. In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Policy (see full policy), the university has established the following guidelines for notifying parents when there is concern for the welfare of a student, including serious or repeated violations of the alcohol and/or drug policies. Additionally, parents may be notified when there is a serious concern for a student’s mental or physical well being, regardless of the involvement of alcohol and/or drugs

Specifically, the university grants to the vice president for student affairs or a designee the authority to determine when and by what means to notify parents or guardians when students under the age of 21 are found to have committed serious or repeated violations of university policies related to the possession, use or distribution of alcohol or drugs. Consideration in these situations will be given to the following conditions: the violation involved harm or threat of harm to self, others or property; the violation involved an arrest in which the student was taken into custody; the violation resulted in or could result in the student being suspended from the university and/or removed from the residence halls; the student has shown a pattern of violations; the student who committed the violation became physically ill and/or required medical intervention as a result of consumption of alcohol and/or drugs.