Legitimate Student Expectations Statement

The following statement of legitimate student expectations to which Marquette University regularly aspires was adopted by the Academic Senate at its meeting of March 31, 1976. It was amended in 1991.

  1. The university shall publish the general qualifications for establishing and maintaining acceptable academic standing within the university and all degree requirements for particular curricula and major and minor fields of study.
  2. The university shall, not later than the time of course registration, identify the regular faculty who are to teach each course offered. In sectioned courses, if a member of the regular faculty identified to teach a section is changed after registration, any student enrolled in that section may change sections if possible.
  3. Each faculty person shall, normally not later than the first class period in the course, inform the students enrolled in the course of:

    a. The course objectives.

    b. Requirements respecting books and materials, class preparation, attendance and participation, and papers, quizzes, and examinations.

    c. Methods of evaluating student performance, including specifically the elements considered in assigning grades.
  4. The university shall preserve and protect each student’s right to question and to challenge data, conclusions and opinions of their respective faculty and fellow students, subject to such reasonable requirements of academic order as may be established by the faculty in charge of their courses.
  5. Academic grades shall be based solely on academic performance and, where appropriate, professional performance. Some colleges may include class attendance in courses offered as a measure of academic performance. The university shall maintain procedures for the review of grades alleged to be based on computational inaccuracies or improper grading criteria.
  6. The university shall recognize the right of each student to review and discuss his/her academic performance with those who teach his/her courses.
  7. Each faculty person shall observe whatever rules have been officially established by the university, or his or her college or program, on academic matters such as the scheduling and administering of examinations. The university and/or the college or program shall see that all such rules are appropriately promulgated to both faculty and students.