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Dear Marquette Parents,

On August 26th, you will be part of a special moment in your student’s life.  You have been anticipating this milestone for at least 18 years now – the moment when you go one way, and your student goes another.

The author Elie Weisel calls such moments “privileged”.  Privileged moments are the times that are so invested with power and emotion that whatever you say in those moments is elevated to a level of importance rarely achieved.  What you say to your student during those moments has the potential to stick with your student throughout his or her life.

So you have more to do this August than simply say goodbye. What is it you are going to say that you want to stick with your student?  These privileged moments call for life messages.  “I have loved being your parent”, “This is the moral lesson that I’d like you to take with you”, “I’m proud of you”. 

For most parents, these are not the types of things that can be said with dry eyes, amidst stacks of unpacked boxes, and with a new roommate looking on.  For that reason, we provide you with an opportunity to seize the privileged moment, and write your student a letter that will be delivered to him or her at the end of Orientation week, a few days after residence hall move-in.  In order to connect your message to the privileged moment, you may wish to start your letter with “When I left you at Marquette, this is what I wanted to say…”

You may wish to use the stationery provided here. For families attending Preview, we will provide stationery to you, and collect letters at Preview. 

Please seal your completed letter in an envelope, and include the following information on that envelope: your student’s first and last name, residence hall, and room number (if it is available).  Then, place that sealed envelope in a different envelope, and send it to the following address:

The Office of Student Development
Alumni Memorial Union 329
P.O. Box 1881
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881 

Thank you, and welcome to the Marquette family!

Julie Murphy
Assistant Dean for New Student and Family Programs
Office of Student Development



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