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Study Abroad Can Be Very Affordable!

Don't let sticker shock get in the way of your chance to study abroad. With financial aid, good budgeting and a little saving, study abroad can be very affordable. In addition, the returns on your investment — academic learning in an intercultural environment, broadened horizons and new cross-cultural skills — will prove invaluable for decades to come.

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Program Types & Financial Aid

The type of program you select will affect your financial aid package. It is very important to meet with a financial aid counselor before studying abroad so you are aware of the financial impact of your decision.

Each program’s info page lists the program type indicating financial aid availability. To search the program list by financial aid availability, log in to the Study Abroad System and click on “Advanced Search" to search by program type.

Marquette Programs
Marquette scholarships, federal and state financial aid apply

External Approved Programs
Only federal and state financial aid apply

Other Non-Marquette Programs
Only federal and state financial aid apply
Additional paperwork required; see the Petition Policy for Study Abroad through Non-Marquette Programs for more information


Financial Aid Procedures

If you are a full-time Marquette student planning to study abroad through a Marquette or external approved program, the financial aid application procedure is the same as if you were studying on campus.

However, it is particularly important that you complete your financial aid application early so funds will be available to you before you go abroad. The amount and type of aid will vary depending on the program type and your individual aid package.

If you are a Marquette student participating in the dependent tuition remission program, please review the policy on tuition remission for study abroad to understand how it applies to study abroad.

Before You Leave

  1. Complete your financial aid application early
  2. Discuss your plans with a financial aid counselor. Will your current financial aid apply to the study abroad program you have chosen? 
  3. Share all financial aid information with your parent(s) or guardian(s).
  4. Contact the Office of the Bursar.
    • If you are eligible for aid that requires a check to be signed, make arrangements to do so with the Office of the Bursar before you depart.
    • If your aid will exceed your charges, make arrangements with the bursar to receive your refund check before leaving.

While You’re Away

While studying abroad, make sure you have someone maintain your financial aid records. If you are away during spring semester and plan to return to school in the upcoming academic year, you must make arrangements to have someone file your financial aid application for the next academic year. The form should be filed in January for priority consideration. This person will also potentially need to provide additional paperwork in your absence (e.g., federal tax returns).

Dropping below full-time status or completely withdrawing from your program will have an adverse effect on your financial aid package. Therefore, if your enrollment status changes, notify the Office of Student Financial Aid immediately.

Need More Help?

The Office of Student Financial Aid can help you understand the impact studying abroad will have on your aid package and verify that you have done everything you need to have your aid reinstated upon your return to Marquette. Any questions about financial aid can be referred to:

Katie Kraemer
Office of Student Financial Aid
(414) 288-4000



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