To better safeguard Marquette students traveling abroad, OIE adopted a comprehensive insurance package, mandatory for all students studying abroad with academic programs or traveling under the auspices of Marquette University. The insurance is offered through GeoBlue (formerly HTH Worldwide), a leading student international insurance provider.

  • OIE will enroll students in GeoBlue for the dates of their study abroad program shortly prior to departure.
  • A charge of $50 per 30-day period will be posted to the student’s Marquette Bursar Account (Checkmarq).
  • Students who would like to extend their coverage pre- or post-program can do so directly on GeoBlue’s website. The price and coverage of the pre- and/or post-program insurance will vary from that of the Marquette plan.
  • Insurance will not be waived, regardless of existing personal insurance coverage or country-specific insurance requirements, for continuity of health and safety response.
  • Some programs require alternative insurance with similar coverage to our policy. For continuity of response in-country, OIE will waive the Marquette medical policy for some specific programs. Information is available on individual program brochure pages.
  • GeoBlue does not cover students returning to their home country to study abroad.
  • Some countries, like Australia and Canada for example, require students to purchase medical insurance through the government as part of the visa and entry requirements. While there is some overlap in coverage, the government policies do not provide all the required coverage, so both policies are required.


GeoBlue has created the following website to house and update COVID-19 information as it evolves and changes:

Policy Information and Guides

Upon OIE registration of participants in GeoBlue, students will receive an email verifying enrollment. At that time, students can log in to the GeoBlue Student website to:

  • Register to use the Member Site Tools
  • Print your insurance card
  • Avoid submitting a claim with Direct Pay
  • Get a claim form
  • Search for a doctor
  • Check the status of a claim
  • Learn about health information at destination and view a CityHealth Profile
  • Understand the security risks at destination and view an GeoBlue Security Profile
  • Translate medical terms, phrases and drugs from one language to another
  • Prepare for and learn about travel and health issues
  • Read up-to-date health, security and education news
  • Read host country culture resources

*Note: Don't forget to add the page to your list of Trusted Sites

International SOS

SOS International travelers' assistance is an assistance program under which all Marquette University faculty, staff and students are covered. It offers services such as:

  • Assistance with lost or stolen documents
  • Worldwide medical referrals
  • Coordination of emergency travel arrangements
  • Emergency cash advances

Marquette's policy number is needed for access to the SOS website. Marquette policy numbers are given to students during initial inquiry and the pre-departure orientation or upon request from the Office of International Education.

Trip Cancellation

The insurance available through GeoBlue and International SOS does not include trip cancellation. Participants interested in trip cancellation insurance should carefully evaluate in detail any plans that claim to cover cancellation for any reason.

GradGuard is a company that provides tuition, room and board fees, and other academic fees  if a student withdraws for any covered medical reason. There is a one-time charge that needs to be purchased prior to the start of the term courses. Study abroad programs can be covered as long as the student is paying the home institution for tuition and living expenses, including housing and food. You are able to see a quote and find more information on their website.

Travel Insured International is a company that provides trip cancellation insurance. Students should send all questions/inquiries directly to Travel Insured International.

The information about GradGuard and Travel Insured International is provided solely as a resource to students. Marquette University does not own, control, administer, or endorse the insurance plans provided. It is the responsibility of the student to evaluate the insurance plans and to select the appropriate plan for their individual circumstances.