MynlieffChair of the University Academic Senate: Dr. Michelle Mynlieff, Professor of Biological Sciences

The University Academic Senate and its subcommittees provide a voice for the faculty in governance of the University. During my 25 years at Marquette I have witnessed an increasing role of faculty in the governance of the University. However, our contribution to governance cannot be sustained without the active participating of a significant number of faculty. My goals for the coming year include promotion of faculty inclusion in university governance. This must come from both sides with the administration willing to consult and listen to faculty as well as from faculty, who must spend time outside of their many other obligations on campus to participate in the process. University policies need to be clearly defined and transparent to all. In the coming year we will be extensively reviewing the senate statutes to strengthen the faculty voice in university governance. As the chair of the senate my role is to act as an advocate for all faculty on campus while keeping the concerns and interests of students, staff and administration in mind.



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The 2019 Faculty Forum will be held on April 16, 2019, 3-5pm in Weasler Auditorium.

Faculty Forum held on April 13, 2016

Watch the 2017 Faculty Forum (requires Flash Player)

Statement from the Executive Committee of the University Academic Senate