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Chair of the University Academic Senate: Dr. Sumana Chattopadhyay, Associate Professor of Digital Media and Performing Arts/Media Studies

Shared governance on the Marquette campus works primarily through the University Academic Senate and its standing committees. As a member of the Marquette community for the last thirteen years, I have seen faculty’s role in governance grow stronger over the years. This is something I feel strongly about because improved shared governance fosters a climate of greater transparency on campus, which is much needed at this time and can help Higher Education work through the multiple challenges it is experiencing at the societal and political level. In the upcoming academic year, the Senate will work on a long list of issues. It will continue work on some issues from last year and tackle new issues as they come up during this school year. One of my broader goals is to improve the visibility of the work that the Senate does on campus to bring in more people into the shared governance process.  As Chair of the Senate, I will work as an advocate for all faculty on campus and endeavor to strengthen communication with the students, staff, the University Leadership Council and the Board of Trustees.


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