Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for Alpha Sigma Nu?

Membership is limited to those students in Jesuit institutions of higher education who possess to an outstanding degree the qualities of scholarship, loyalty and service. The candidate's loyalty to the institution and its principles must be unquestionable and apparent to all. Service, in the Alpha Sigma Nu sense, means not merely membership in organizations or even office holding, but actual sacrifice of time and energy in activities while attending this institution.

What is Alpha Sigma Nu?

Alpha Sigma Nu is an international honor society founded at Marquette University in 1915. Alpha Sigma Nu honors students of Jesuit colleges and universities who distinguish themselves in scholarship, loyalty, and service. Student membership is conferred on not more than five percent of the junior and senior class. Graduate students need to have completed one-half of the requirements for their degree at the time of nomination.

If I apply my junior year and am not accepted, may I re-apply during my senior year?

Yes. If you meet the academic requirements, you will again receive notification inviting you to apply during your senior year. The selection committee encourages you to do so!

When will I be notified of the selection committee's decision about my application?

You will be notified via e-mail regarding your application.

Am I still eligible to apply for Alpha Sigma Nu if I am studying abroad/co-oping/studying at Les Aspin Center at all this year?

Yes! We encourage you to submit your application, but make sure to include your email and the best way to stay in contact with you.

What is the cost of dues?

The one-time cost is $100 for a lifetime membership in Alpha Sigma Nu.

When is the induction ceremony?

The induction ceremony for new members takes place in spring each year. The specific date, time, and location will be listed on the Alpha Sigma Nu events page.