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College of Education Award Recipients


CaitlinDr. Lynn A. Catlin, Grad '02, Grad '06

Madison, Wis.

Lynn’s innovative approach to counseling and psychology first took root in a place few would describe as innovative. While helping provide basic shelter and work to homeless men at the Guest House of Milwaukee, Lynn turned an internship into her life’s work.

“I felt very blessed to have that opportunity evolve,” she says. She developed the internship from scratch with then-faculty member, Dr. Todd Campbell. That internship led to a full-time role as associate director of the Guest House.

Today, Lynn serves as the clinical director of Lutheran Social Services outpatient behavioral health clinics of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. She also is the owner of a private practice that integrates psychotherapy, yoga and meditation training.

In 2015 Lynn received the Living the Mission Award from the College of Education, which recognizes recent graduates who reflect the mission of the College of Education by acting as change agents in their community.

“I am very humbled and grateful for this [alumni achievement] award,” she says, saying that it means even more because “Few people really understand the impact such work can have on the lives of the people we serve.”

Fun fact: Lynn’s private practice integrating psychotherapy, yoga and meditation training is called The Mat, Cushion and Couch and is located in Fitchburg, Wis.