Alumni National Awards

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Marquette University's Alumni National Awards

One weekend in April, a special tradition takes place on campus – Alumni National Awards. Hundreds of alumni and guests gather to recognize and celebrate distinguished award recipients from every college and professional school, all of whom represent the true spirit and mission of Marquette. For those who have attended, you know how impactful it is. For those who have not attended, I encourage you to do so as it’s truly transformative – their stories are inspirational and remind us how Marquette students go on to make a positive difference in our world.
Come and feel the pride and heartwarming sense of family that is present on campus during Alumni National Awards weekend! Following the individual college and professional school celebrations, the weekend culminates with a Saturday night black-tie dinner honoring the
All-University award recipients. It is a Marquette moment you will not forget. Join us!

Micky Minhas, Eng '89
Marquette University Alumni Association

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