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Photo of William BeerDr. William M. Beer, H Sci '03
Muskego, Wis.

For someone who enjoys caring for any person at any time and making quick and impactful patient connections, the emergency department is a fitting place for Bill.

Early in his academic career, Bill felt a pull toward the health science field, which led him to Marquette. He admired the university’s emphasis on service and helping others — values he applies to his life every day.

After completing his undergraduate degree at Marquette, Bill earned his medical degree at Loyola University in Chicago. He joined the Navy where he served as a flight surgeon before completing his training in emergency medicine. In his two deployments aboard the USS Ronald Reagan, he flew missions into Japan after the Fukushima nuclear disaster to provide medical support for Operation Tomodachi. As chief resident and attending physician at the Naval Medical Center San Diego, he honed his teaching and leadership skills, supporting physicians, nurses and corpsman in learning vital skills needed to maintain operational readiness. He completed his time in the military at U.S. Naval Hospital Guantanamo Bay. “The Navy pushed me to lead others early in my career and provided inspirational mentors along the way,” Bill says.

Bill credits his mother for instilling in him the importance of hard work and persistence. He is grateful for the lesson his father taught him to recognize that every person has value and a story; he says this helps him connect and communicate effectively with his patients.

Bill currently serves as a board-certified emergency physician for Emergency Medicine Specialists of Wisconsin. You can find him working at several different Ascension hospitals in the area or enjoying family life with his wife and four children.

Fun facts:

Marquette faculty or staff members who had an impact on him: Dean Bill Cullinan — “As the anatomy professor, he dedicated a lot of time to ensure we were understanding information. It was obvious he cared, as he would be open to come and help at off-hours. Additionally, he provided me the opportunity to assist in the teaching of human anatomy. This ability to teach helped me build a love of anatomy.”

Dr. Scott Reid — “As my chemistry teacher, I saw someone who loved his craft but also was really interested in making sure his students knew the material. His passion for education and learning process is one of the reasons I took an extra chemistry class with him to get a minor in chemistry.”

Favorite Marquette memory: “I have fond memories of the spring of 2003. I had been accepted to medical school and had a clear plan for my future. Marquette basketball was doing really well. I remember watching the Elite Eight game at the Annex with my buddies from freshman year and my girlfriend (who that summer would become my fiancée and later my wife). We won the game and all went running down Wisconsin Ave.”

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