List and Order Textbooks Online

Students: Follow these steps to list your textbooks through the CheckMarq student information system and order them from the Book Marq's website.

Listing and Ordering your Books

  1. Go to CheckMarq at
  2. Sign in with your Marquette username (e.g., 1881eagleg) and password.
  3. The CheckMarq main page loads. Click the Student Center link. Note: Only student users will see this link.
  4. The Student Center page loads. Look for the “Academics” header. Click the link for “Weekly schedule.”
  5. Click List View.
  6. Select the term you wish to view and click continue.
  7. The “My Class Schedule” page appears.Review the courses you are scheduled for.  At the bottom, click “List and Order Books.”
  8. A new browser window, “List and Order Books Online,” opens that indicates your classes are being sent to the Book Marq’s online store. Click the “List and Order Books Online” button. The Book Marq’s online store appears. A page titled “Course Materials" lists textbooks for your courses.
  9. From the Book Marq online store “Course Materials” page, click the plus signs to choose between Used, Rent and New (if available). Uncheck any books you do not want to purchase and click each “Add to Cart” button as needed.
  10. Click the Go to Cart button. The Book Marq’s cart listing appears, showing the books requested and the current total cost. If you change the quantities of the books you wish to order, be sure to click the “Update Cart” button.
  11. Next, choose your substitution preference. "Yes! Replace my book with the condition available" means that you would prefer the “new/used” choices you made, but you need the book(s) you selected and will accept what the Book Marq has in stock. "Do not replace my book" means you want only the “new/used” choices you made. If your preference is unavailable, you will not get those specific books. Choose your substitution preference and click the Checkout button.
  12. You will be asked to login to the Book Marq’s online store. This password is independent of your Marquette password. If you are a new user, click the Sign Up button. If you are a returning user, enter your email address and password.
  13. Continue with the Book Marq’s  checkout process.

The Book Marq is located at 818 N. 16th St. in Campus Town. Call (414) 288-7317 with any questions.

About Prices

Prices shown for textbooks are subject to change and do not guarantee inventory in the Book Marq. Prices do not include tax or shipping charges if they apply. Ship to orders placed will require 2 to 3 business days to process.

Prices shown for textbooks are subject to change and do not guarantee inventory in the Book Marq. Prices do not include tax or shipping charges if they apply. Ship orders typically require 1 to 2 business days to assemble before physically leaving the store.

When viewing your course materials list, please read carefully. Some courses offer a choice: choose one book OR the other, some items are suggested (not required), and in some cases your instructor would prefer you attend class before buying materials.

Ordering Options

Prepayment by credit card is required for both of the following options:

  • Ship
  • Store Pickup / Pay Now

To retrieve your order, Book Marq staff will ask to see your Marquette University ID card AND the 13-digit order number you receive from efollett® when your order is acknowledged and confirmed.