The Yi Lab

Labs: TW 621 and TW 667
Phone: (414) 288-2080 and (414) 288-0705

Current Group Members


The Yi Lab Group

Former Graduate Students

Nianhong Liu, Ph.D. 1998
Software Engineer, SpectraCom Inc.
Milwaukee, WI

Sang Young Yun, Ph.D. 2005
Research Scientist, Moffitt Cancer Center
Tampa, FL

Tonya Zeczycki, Ph.D. 2007
Associate Professor
East Carolina University, NC

Ruili Gao, Ph.D. 2011
Postdoctoral Associate
UW-Madison, WI

Ki-Hyeok Kwon, Ph.D. 2011
Principal Scientist, Samsung Chemical Co.

Nishantha Kalutharage, Ph.D. 2015
Assistant Professor
University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka

Junghwa Kim, Ph.D. 2016
Research Scientist, Samsung Chemical Co.

Hanbin Lee, Ph.D. 2017
Postdoctoral Associate
Indiana University, IN

Dariusz Wódka, M.S. 1997
Research Scientist, Abbott Co.
Chicago, IL

Yuzhong Chen, M.S. 1998
R&D Scientist, DuPont Co.
Wilmington, DE

Debra Bryant, M.S. 2010
Research Associate, Abbott Co.
Chicago, IL

Former Postdoctoral Associates

Roman Torres, 1997-98
Research Scientist
Center of CINVESTAS, Mexico

Zhengjie He, 1999-2001
Associate Professor
Nankai University, China

Jiaxi Wang, 2001
Associate Professor
Hebei Univ of Technology, China

Jie Zhang, 2007-08
R&D Scientist
National Biochemicals Corp., OH

Do W. Lee, 1998-99, 08-09
On leave from the University of Seoul, Korea

Dong-Hwan Lee, 2010-12
Principal Scientist
Samsung Chemical Co., Korea

Kwang-min Choi, 2014-15
Research Scientist
KNIST, Korea

Former Undergraduate Students

Glenn Grosbier (1996)

John Ruprecht (1998)

Melissa Flores (2000)

Anthony Snow (2001)

Ismail Okasha (2005)

Nathan Greenleaf (MATC, 2013)

Dinah Nelson (MATC, 2013)

Shaheer Khan (2013)