Non-discrimination clause

The center is committed to the principle of admission to the center regardless of race, color, sex, religion or national origin. However, the center being a private institution is open only to Marquette faculty, employees, students and alumni.


Registration packet

Upon registration, parents are given a packet of forms that — with the exception of the immunization and medical forms — must be filled out and on file before care can begin. There is a $55 registration fee. Please make sure that each form is filled out completely before returning it to the center. Teachers or administrative staff will remind parents to update specific forms periodically during the course of the year as required by the licensing rules. These include but are not limited to immunization, physical forms and medication releases. These forms can be downloaded from the registration and health forms page.


Registration process

Children may continue with the same schedule from semester to semester without participating in each semester’s registration unless the schedule needs to be changed. If a schedule change is anticipated for a new semester, a schedule change form must be completed. The form can be found in the wall pocket outside the front office.
** Note: If you choose to discontinue care for the summer or Christmas break, your child’s space cannot be held.



As required by state licensing, please contact the center if your child will be absent or late. If you forget to notify us, the center staff will contact you approximately one hour after your child’s start time.


Staff/child ratio

The center has the capacity to serve up to 150 children, ages six weeks through 11 years. Children are organized into groups by age and development. Classrooms are supervised by professional staff at the following staff-child ratios:

Moving-up process

Children in all classrooms graduate to the next room based on age, development and availability of space. Families will be informed about their child’s ability to move to the next age group of children. Families will have the opportunity to tour the new classroom and meet the teachers. Families also will receive a packet of information including a visiting schedule, supply list, newsletter and start date for the first day in the new classroom.

Infant/toddler child care

The infant and toddler classrooms are based on children's schedules for napping, eating and diapering. All activities are developmentally appropriate and conducive to children's development. Opportunities for each child to receive individual attention for holding, reading, singing, etc., are given.

Biting is of particular concern for parents and staff working with infants and toddlers. Biting is not an unusual behavior for young children. In fact, it is developmentally appropriate. There are many situations when and reasons why children bite. Please understand that families of the “biter” feel just as bad as families of the child who has been bitten. If biting by a child continues, all reasonable attempts will be made to shadow the “biter” until the child outgrows the behavior.



Child Care Center

Marquette University Child Care Center is an on-site, employer sponsored non-profit organization dedicated to quality care for children of all of those who make-up the Marquette University community — students, staff, faculty and alumni.