Children’s health issues

Marquette Child Care Center follows the DCF licensing rules that state that we the center are unable to care for children who are sick. Children with the following illnesses and any other illness having the potential to affect the health of other children in the center should rest at home. If your child becomes ill at school, your child’s teacher will notify you by telephone. If you cannot be reached, the emergency number you have provided will be called. The following are reasons that indicate a child should be excluded from care in the center:

Symptoms for exclusion

Remember that when children are ill, their immune responses may be lowered, leaving them vulnerable to other illnesses. Additionally, when children come to the center ill, other children and staff are exposed to illness, thus creating an unhealthy environment. Families should have an alternative care plan if their child(ren) become ill.

Allergy information

Please inform the classroom teacher of any diagnosed allergies, as well as substances or foods suspected of causing any type of reaction in immediate family members. The child's name and allergy will be posted prominently in the classroom.

Medication and authorization

When medications are to be administered by your child’s teacher, you must complete a medication authorization form.
In addition:

Over-the-counter medication

Only over-the-counter medications without fever reducers will be dispensed without a prescription with the exception of children younger than 2 years of age. If your child is under 2 years of age, a note from the child’s physician must accompany the medication to be administered. Recommended dosage by age or weight will not be exceeded without written authorization of a physician.

Fever reducers will only be dispensed at the center on written direction of a physician for the following situations:


From time to time, children may encounter a bump, bruise, scrape or other injury while in care. If this occurs, staff are required to fill out an accident report form, which will describe the injury and any treatment given. The staff member who fills out the form will sign it and will notify the director of the injury. The form also needs to be signed by the parent or guardian as an acknowledgement of disclosure. Forms must remain at the center because licensing rules require that the report is logged into an accident book and the form is placed in the child’s file. A copy of the report can be made if requested.

First aid

In the case of an accident or a non-life-threatening injury at the center, the following procedures are followed per DCF guidelines:

  • Cut/scrape: 
Wash the wound with soap and water.
  • Cut to mouth area:
Rinse the mouth with cold water and/or apply a cool compress or spice to stop the bleeding.
  • Bruise/welt:
Apply a cool cloth or ice.
  • Bite mark:
Wash with soap and water and apply ice. If the skin is broken, wash with soap and water, apply a bandage, and contact the parent.

No invasive treatments may be used at the center, including removal of slivers or objects in the eye. No topical ointment or antiseptic may be used.

In the case of a medical trauma, children will be taken to Sinai Samaritan Hospital unless otherwise indicated by emergency personnel. The director or the child’s teacher will accompany the child and stay until a parent arrives.


Child Care Center

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