Child Care Center Painting Area


Change(s) of clothing

At least one complete change of clothes is recommended. Infants and children toilet training may need several sets of clean clothing.

Diapering supplies

Families of children in diapers are asked to bring a supply of diapers and all necessary diapering supplies.  If you use cloth diapers, you must provide the classroom with a covered container to place soiled diapers in. Cloth diapers will not be rinsed by staff. They will be placed in a plastic bag first, then placed in the container you provide. Soiled diapers must be taken home every evening.

Food items

Families of infants need to bring an adequate supply of formula, breast milk (in ready-to-feed container), infant cereal and jar food. Toddlers and older children will need to bring a lunch (see meal requirements), bottles/nipples for infants, and a sippy cup for toddlers.

Comfort item

Pacifier or security item, blanket for nap and if your child is 3 years and above, a sleeping bag.



Child Care Center

Marquette University Child Care Center is an on-site, employer sponsored non-profit organization dedicated to quality care for children of all of those who make-up the Marquette University community — students, staff, faculty and alumni.