Parent pick-up rights

Both parents listed on the registration form will have the right to pick up their child from the center. Custody denials must be accompanied by a court order on file. Without legal documentation, we assume each parent has equal access to the child.

Non-parent pick-up

Always notify the center if someone other than the parent or guardian is to pick a child. When possible, notify the center with a note stating the adult’s name and time of pick-up. A picture ID is required for anyone picking up a child.

Child abuse and neglect reporting

All staff are mandated reporters of suspected child abuse or neglect for the state of Wisconsin. Staff must report any verbal disclosures or signs of physical, sexual or emotional abuse to Child Protective Services.

Special needs

The staff will make every attempt to help facilitate a positive and successful experience for each child enrolled in our program, including children with special needs. Please inform us of any accommodations necessary to assure success.

Family behavior in the center

We expect all adults, including parents and other family members, to behave in a manner consistent with the center’s rules and philosophy.

Appearance of impairment

If a parent or any person authorized to pick up a child appears to be unable to safely assume responsibility for a child, the center will offer to arrange transportation. If we feel the child is in danger, we will notify Public Safety and/or the proper authorities for assistance.



Child Care Center

Marquette University Child Care Center is an on-site, employer sponsored non-profit organization dedicated to quality care for children of all of those who make-up the Marquette University community — students, staff, faculty and alumni.