Crestron Touch Panel Instructions

Powering Up the Equipment

The equipment is controlled using a Crestron Touch Panel interface.

If the touch panel's screen appears to be off, touch the screen to wake the display. When awake, press the Press to Begin button.

If the classroom has Crestron AirMedia displays, see documentation for AirMedia.

You will now see the Crestron Touch Panel home screen where you select a video and audio source. The projector will power on once you select a source to display.

Volume Control

Volume controls are in the Crestron Touch Panel.

NOTE: The podium computer and a laptop have separate volume controls within their operating systems.

Powering Down the Equipment

Be sure to remove any media from the equipment before powering it down. When you are done using the equipment, exit any screens in the Crestron Touch Panel until you see the Shut Down button. Select it then select System Off in the subsequent screen.

The computer's power state will not be affected. Remember to log out of the computer.

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