A message from Provost Ah Yun

To the Class of 2020: Congratulations!

Provost Ah YunBy successfully completing your Marquette University education, you have now told the world something profound about yourself. You have signaled to family, friends, colleagues and the community around you that you possess the talent, perseverance and ethical foundation necessary to lead with authentic courage and Be The Difference.

As you conclude your time at Marquette and begin the next leg of your journey, do not forget the grit and innovative spirit that helped carry you through your challenges, great and small. Our world is complex and can at times seem daunting. But do not be discouraged — you are ready.

You are ready, and you are not alone. Your Marquette family, more than 130,000 strong, is always there for you. Whether a roommate, a favorite professor or a stranger you haven’t met yet, the Marquette bond is strong. We are people for and with others.

My hope for you is that you, too, will always remember to be a person for and with others. It is a foundational principle; one found in my favorite quote, from John 15:17, which I leave you with: “Here is my command. Love each other.”

Congratulations, again, Class of 2020.


Dr. Kimo Ah Yun

Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

and Corporate Vice President