Companions in Ministry (CiM) is an ecumenical support program that brings together Christian pastors and ordained deacons from diverse denominations, ethnicities, cultures, ages, and socio-economic backgrounds. The program provides opportunities for pastors to build peer relationships and accompany one another in their ministries. Pastors are meeting online and in person in this time of COVID-19. CiM aims to improve their sense of well-being spiritually and professionally, and to foster a supportive, ecumenical ministry network in southeast Wisconsin. 

Small groups include 6-10 pastors who meet monthly or every other month. Groups determine their own dates to meet. Group discussions often include a reading about clergy well-being, resiliency, happiness and other themes of the CiM grant. Pastors pray together and discuss societal topics such as racial justice and serving as a pastor during COVID-19. Trained leaders facilitate the groups and make use of the "Shared Inquiry" method of discussion. Each cohort lasts for 18-24 months. The cohort opens and closes with retreat time and includes two plenary sessions each year to facilitate networking among the pastors. (Please see the top navigation bar - "What's Involved" and "FAQ" for more details.)

Five cohorts with 57 pastors are in Companions in Ministry at this time.