From University to Industry

Read about our alumni's experience with Marquette's Data and Analytics programs and how they've continued to achieve in their careers outside of graduate school.  



Francine Robinson- Data Science Graduate Student Francine Robinson - Master's in Computing

Coming from a non-technical background, Marquette University’s Graduate program equipped me with the skills necessary to enter the IT workforce.  After completing a vigorous IT boot camp, I was quickly immersed into courses, gaining knowledge in the areas of Network and System Administration, Business Systems, Database Systems, Enterprise Architecture, IoT, Computing, Security, and Predictive Analysis. During my educational tenure, I was given the opportunity to experience the variability that the IT field offers. Also, because Marquette used cutting edge technology, I was able to attend over half of my courses remotely, unknowingly preparing me for my current role as a Professional Business Systems Analyst in Application Engineering at Aurora Health Care, where I use the same technology to occasionally work remotely. Choosing Marquette was one of the best decisions that I have ever made, as I credit this program to helping me jump-start my career in IT!


Ricardo Franco - M.S. Computing, Specialization in Big Data and Data Analytics

As a Clinical Laboratory Scientist with an undergraduate degree in biology, I found that I really enjoyed analyzing data and desired a career where I could utilize my passion for healthcare and computer science. Marquette's graduate program allowed me the flexibility I needed to continue to work full time, take a wide range of classes and still complete my degree in two years. I was able to learn many of the most desired skills in the industry by professors whom were also professionals by trade with many years of experience in their respective fields. This allowed them the ability to relate material to their real world experiences, giving insights into the industry that I have since found to be invaluable. I am proud to say that right after graduating with an MS in Computing and specialization in Big Data & Data Analytics from Marquette University, I was able to obtain a mid-level Data Analyst position at the healthcare conglomerate, Kaiser Permanente in Denver, Colorado.



Piyush SaxPiyush Saxena Computing Graduate Studentena- Ph.D. in Computational Sciences

Coming from a Civil engineering background Marquette’s was one of the very few programs that allowed me to leverage my experience as an engineer to succeed in an analytical field without excessive coursework. During my time I was exposed to some of the best research labs and industry-academia collaborations. One such collaboration with Direct Supply evolved into what became a significant part of my dissertation. That industry connection took professional development to new heights for me. I was able to do novel research while being empowered by leaders in academia and industry. The Computational Sciences program provides a sound support structure while encouraging the flexibility that drives innovation.  I currently work as a Data Scientist at Direct Supply in Milwaukee.  Direct Supply is a Senior-Living industry juggernaut. Using Deep Learning to improve the lives for American seniors, that is what the program empowered me to do!