Assistant Director of Multicultural Recruitment
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Get to know Zuleyka, your admissions counselor.

What makes Milwaukee great city to live/go to school?

As a native Chicagoan, I didn’t think there was any way Milwaukee was going to be as cool as Chicago when I moved here. But, I was wrong, and am still living here 7 years later – Milwaukee is a great, fun city where you’ll find the same opportunities and amenities you get in Chicago, but they’re much more accessible. It’s much easier to get around, cheaper, there’s less traffic, lots of professional development opportunities, and the people are a little nicer. 

What is your favorite part about being an admission counselor? 

Reflecting on the amazing and transformative experience a college education is for students and their families, and helping students find their perfect match. 

Favorite mode of transportation. 

I love road trips. The longer, the better. 

How do you prefer to eat cheese? 

Curded & squeaky. 

Name one reason why you love traveling to your territory.

I love being able to travel to Puerto Rico as it's home to some of my family!