Life at Marquette


There's no denying a lot of living goes on in Marquette's residence hall communities, which often set the scene for lifelong friendships and favorite college memories. Students who live on campus — and that includes 93 percent of freshmen — tend to get better grades, participate in more extracurricular activities and have more satisfying college experiences than commuting students. We suspect that's because these communities embody the university's mission of excellence, faith, leadership and service, all qualities that will teach you to Be The Difference.



You'll love living in the heart of the city. You want entertainment? Milwaukee's got it covered, from professional sports to the symphony. Thinking about internships? You'll find them in companies ranging from Fortune 500s to mom-and-pop shops. Craving ethnic cuisine? Milwaukee's Serbian, German, Italian, Mexican and Polish communities are ready to satisfy every taste bud. And don't forget Milwaukee's gorgeous lakefront, city parks, ethnic festivals, shopping malls, art galleries, coffee houses and theatre.